Tips for Barbers

Tips for Barbers

The day comes when you need a haircut, and you have something in mind. But when you step into the barber’s shop, you find it difficult to get what you want. We all have that, where we find it difficult to communicate to the barber what we want out of our haircut. Plus, screwing it up comes at a price, since getting another haircut will take a long time. Do not fear though, cause we have you covered. Next time you visit us or anyone else, follow these tips for barbers, so you get the haircut you want!

1 – Finding the Right Barber

We like to think we are the best barber around, but it also helps to ask around and find a good barber. Hence, asking your friends or family about who they have been to and can trust is a good thing to do. Plus, if you see a guy on the street with a good haircut, go up to him and ask where he got it from, don’t be afraid.

2 – Look up your Preferred Style

Prior to going to the barber, knowing what you want inside and out is necessary. Even then, spend some time going over other styles and seeing what they might look on you. Then you would need to take pictures of it so you can show it to your barber. Preferably have more than one picture, with several angles. This makes it easier for the barber since he doesn’t have to guess what your hair should look like from the back.

3 – Have realistic expectations

Your hair cut probably won’t turn out the same way as what your favorite celebrity has. You could get something close, but never spot on. Even the best barber in the world will have trouble turning the hair into what you want.

4 – Know the Right Terms

Some barbers might like if you knew what the proper terms are for specific hair styles or looks. Others would prefer if you simply spoke to them on how you feel your hair should be like. It comes down to knowing what your barber prefers.

5 – Observe your Barber and Talk to him

Guys leave complaining that didn’t get the style that they wanted the barber to do for them. Hence, when your barber is styling your hair, watching them and giving input is necessary. If at any point in time you are not sure what they are doing, ask them. Also it not recommended that you be quiet during the haircut. Talking to your barber and building a relationship with your barber is good. You will get a friend and someone who will ensure he takes his time with your haircut.

If you have any questions or comments about tips for barbers, feel free to contact us!

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