4 things all men should do every morning

4 things all men should do every morning

Every guy has his own morning routine. Intimate and personal, like the quirky way you inspect yourself in the mirror, your A.M. ritual is a reflection of your personality, but most importantly, it sets the tone for your day. No matter how you go through the motions, there are certain steps no successful guy should go without. Here are 4 things all men should do every morning.


Wash that mug!

So truth be told, your face is quite dirty in the morning. And for those lazy few who simply splash water on their face, you need to step up your skincare routine. Water alone is not enough to cleanse away the oil and grime from your face. Those dirty pores and shiny nose problems aren’t going to solve themselves. 

Your go-to face wash should contain natural oils to kill bacteria. These safe formulas containing natural ingredients are designed to rinse away any impurities safely and calmly, without leaving any redness or irritation.


Give your hair a quick styling

Your hairstyle matters now! after the age of twenty-five, hiding bad hair under a baseball cap is downright embarrassing. You’re better than taking these boyish shortcuts through life. Think of your hair like real estate property; if you don’t maintain the grounds, the value goes down– and nobody will buy what you’re selling. The same rules go for the turf on your head. Love it, nurture it, win it.


Moisturize your face

Think of moisturizer as a faceguard. It creates a barrier between the atmosphere and your face by boosting hydration in the upper layers of your skin. This form of protection helps defend your skin against pollution, allergens and other acne-causing invaders. Meanwhile, moisturizers can also improve your skin quality, using nourishing botanicals and vitamins to brighten and smooth your complexion.


Deodorize your stink

Your girlfriend might tolerate your familiar funk, but to the rest of the world, it’s gross. That’s why deodorant is non-negotiable for your morning routine. 

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