The best Perm Haircuts for 2020

The best Perm Haircuts for 2020

What is a Perm?

A perm is a haircut that has curls or waves and there are special products that cause it to curl up even more.


Which perm haircut suits you the best?


Perm is the new trend and everyone wants to know if perm hair suits them. Game of Thrones could have had a huge influence on this new trendy style. It could have been the way Jon Snow carried the style and how great he looked. Therefore, all guys can make this look happen for them and rock it. 


There are different ways to achieve a perm hair with different products, training curls with washing, or just going to professionals like your barber and letting them perm your hair.


The best part of a perm is that it is changeable for everyone’s preference. There many different types of perm haircuts but four types are very popular in 2020.


Types of Perm Haircut

Men’s Classy Perm

Curly Perm with Undercut

Parting Perm

Down Perm


Classy perm

A perfect example is Lee-Min Ho with a classy perm, straight hair that turned wavy with products.


Undercut perm

Undercut perm is the most popular perm hairstyle usually rocked by people under 30. This haircut includes the perm with the side of your head faded.

Again this is a haircut rocked by younger guys because you need more hair to work with because it relies on volume.



Parting perm is more sophisticated than many people rock it with suits. This haircut is very simple it’s classy perm but you part it from the middle


Down perm

Down perm is a permanent hair product that relaxes your hair to make it look flatter. This is a good way to keep your hair the same.



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