How to Grow Long Hair for Men

How to Grow Long Hair for Men


Many guys nowadays desire long hair, whether it be for a man bun or something else.

Yet, too many go about doing it in a terrible way. Whether it be terribly smelly or oily long hair, mismatching clothes to their hairstyle and more. Here at family barbers, we see this a lot. Hence, in order to get long hair for men, we made a list of things to consider.

Ask Around for Opinion

Prior to putting all the eggs in the long hair basket, you should consider if it would look good on you. Look at yourself in the mirror, ask your family, girlfriend, friends and others about how you would look with long hair. More often than not, your perception might flawed and others can help correct it.

The Journey Is Long

One thing many guys have trouble with is the slow progress, but with anything in life, it takes time. Hair usually grows about 1.5 centimeters a month, therefore trying to get long hair takes about a year, depending on where you start. Even then, there are moments during the journey you might hate how it looks, but i helps to remember your goal, so embrace the journey.

Get the Barber To Help You

Once you reach the point where you want your hair to be at, their is more work to be done. You have to maintain it, although it shouldn’t be much work. The best long hair are ones that look good naturally, and if you do not have it, ask your barber for help. You also need to wash it properly and maintain cleanliness which any girl will tell you is difficult.

Don’t Stick to One Style

Whether you have a good beard or long hair, the clothes you wear and how you dress can make or break your good look. Plus, the way you accentuate your hair, how you cut or trim it, or balance it can impact how you look. Therefore, make sure to spend some time trimming and ensuring your look is fabulous.

If you have more questions for us about getting long hair, do not be afraid. You can contact us!

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