How our Barber Shop is Tackling Stage 2, COVID-19?

How our Barber Shop is Tackling Stage 2, COVID-19?

The Current Situation

Our barber shop, like many other businesses, have been affected by COVID-19 and has left a bad after taste to recover from. For the past three months, all kinds of services were halted, and everyone has been isolated and cautious about going out in these unprecedented times. We have been washing our hands more times then we can count and are stocking up on essentials such as toilet paper and water.

However, this period of isolation has also allowed us to focus on important things such as the time we spend with our families to break the mould of monotony. It has helped us as individuals become more self-dependent then ever in recent times. An example, of this, are funny videos and memes that are constantly being uploaded of people getting home hair cuts.

The lack of services provided by businesses to customers has yielded hilarious results in the hairstyling and grooming department. But personally, barber shops all around were given a heart attack at the number of bad necklines and horrible fade hairstyles people were attempting. This led us to fast track and optimize our services that now adhere to the new way we live our life.

How our Barber Shop will be operating during STAGE 2

According to the Government of Ontario Stage 2 of COVID-19 has been decided on a regional approach to allow businesses in areas that are not highly affected to reopen and emphasize public health in their operations.

The Region of Peel was permitted to move to Stage 2 of reopening the Ontario economy on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. Under this, services such as salons and barber shops could resume operations if they adhered to the policies and guidelines set by the Ontario Ministry of Health. As the coronavirus is spread through close contact with individuals, we as a service provider have made a strong emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene for the safety and security of all employees and customers alike. Under the clear guidelines given to us by the Ministry of Health, our barber shop adheres to the following policies:

  1. Online bookings allow for only a certain amount of staff and clients at any given time during the day for minimal contact with others. We are also adhering to physical distancing, therefore, maintaining six feet distance between other clients and staff.
  2. Mandatory masks for clients and employees alike. Furthermore, all employees will be wearing gloves when attending a client to minimize the risk of physical contact. We also have all employees wash their hands before and after attending a client and recommended all customers to use hand sanitizer before and after the appointment to minimize any germs or bacteria.
  3. We frequently sanitize all commonly touched surfaces and areas to eliminate any build-up of germs or bacteria in the shop as well as have fresh air ventilating the shop to avoid central recirculation.
  4. Finally, we recommend all staff and clients to stay home if they experience any symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and headaches to stay at home. If any customers at present have such symptoms their appointment can easily be rescheduled to another date.

These policies will ensure the safety and security of all customers and employees. While also allowing us to seamlessly operate within the given guidelines of the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Our Barber Shops Plans for STAGE 3

The plans for Stage 3 are unclear now as the remaining workplace and community spaces will slowly open and the lifting of certain restrictions will take place in Stage 3. As of now large public gatherings over 10 people, will still be restricted during Stage 3. Therefore, like a barber shop, our responsibility is to our clients and staff and we put their security as our utmost priority.

Hence, for the foreseeable future, we will be adhering to the policies of Stage 2 as it will allow us to maintain the high standards, of our services provided to our customers. We will also continue to take only a limited number of clients at a certain time for the safety of all staff and clients, to minimize contact as much as possible.

Looking Forward to Seeing You at Our Barber Shop!

As always, we look forward to seeing you and hope that as a community, we will be able to wither the COVID-19 pandemic together. We appreciate all your help in supporting local and small businesses as our economy depends on them. Thank You!

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