Going from long to short hair?

Going from long to short hair?

Make sure you’ve thought it through.

Cutting your long hair short is a sacrifice of a long time of cultivating your hair and growing it to its current length.

Since it’s hard to undo.

Hair grows at about 1/2 an inch per month.

And the average distance from ear to shoulder is about 6 inches. So, if your hair is utterly straight and you cut from from shoulder length to the bottom of your ear, regrowing it would take about a year, if you regretted your decision.

However, if your hair goes further than your shoulder, or if it’s wavy, then regrowing it to its former length would take even longer.

But short hair could look nice.

If you’re really set on cutting your hair short, here’s some tips to make sure you get the right style for you:

Try it out with a wig, or a hair folding!

If you have the money, you could use wigs to try your wanted length. You bun up your hair, then put the wig on.

For a cheaper, but also possibly more complex method. You could try out your planned style with hair folding. Hair folding is bunching your hair up under the visible layer of hair, using pins and braids. That way, you hide the rest of your length. All without the cost of buying or renting a wig.

However you choose to test out having short hair, remember to show the style to others to get opinions of the people who are going to see you often.

Maybe turn the cut hair into a wig, and/or donate it.

Since you’re not going to be using your hair, why not let someone else use it? Make plans with a charity! There are charities that take cut hair and turn it into a wig for someone else.

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Also check out our gallery of customers for inspiration on what you want your hair to look like!

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