Dry Hair & What to Do About it

Dry Hair & What to Do About it

Dry hair is terrible and feels awful. Do not mistake it for a hair type. Rather it’s a condition that thankfully can simply be treated. The initial step in fixing this issue to understand what is causing it, and we have some possible causes for you to read through. There are many factors, ranging from medication and genetics to something simple as the weather. Then there is the bigger issue, in why dry hair can cause hair breakage and loss. Being able to resolve your dry hair takes time, but it is important you do so.

1# Weather Patterns

During the summer, you are exposed to many elements that can dehydrate your hair. Then there is the winter which has extreme cold weather, followed by overheated indoors, which also can result in hair being parched and dry. 

2# Hormonal Changes

The birth control pills, pregnancy, and menopause are times in which the physiological shifts can have effects on your hair, including brittleness and dryness. 

3# Using The Wrong Shampoo

The ingredients used in shampoos are different across each one, hence you should be careful about using them. Furthermore, using a man’s drying shampoo is warned against. You would be better off rinsing your hair just to remove some of the oil, rather than risking the adverse effects of the unknown shampoo. 

4# Smoothing Treatments 

There are too many smoothing treatments done near to each other can leave your hair follicles needing water. Sure, the treatments can work effectively to smooth hair and make it look amazing, but the protein in the hair can become brittle. 

5# Brushing your wet hair

Your hair is at it’s most susceptible to breakage when it is wet. This leaves the ends brittle, and can cause break downs, hence use a comb instead of brushing.

6# Using heat styles daily

Whatever you do, using any heat source to style your hair can strip your hair follicle of moisture , and causes damage to it. Hence, when doing it, make sure the heat is below the temperature of 400 degrees.

7# Using more conditioner

Dry and brittle hair is a problem that can persist all year around, but is a bigger issue during the winter months. Hence, using the conditioner more than usual will help with this issue.

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